Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Reflection of the last decade

Well 2009 was good, so has the first 10 years on 2000 [counting 2000-2009] I'm going to briefly list some of the things that were memorable to me over the last 10 yrs and kinda had an effect on who I am today.

modern-freaking- technology
- MySpace -- I'm sooo over this now, but back in 05 it was the thing to be on!
- Facebook-- back when only college students could use it... good times
- twitter-- ahhh i said i would never use it, now I'm always tweeting something =/
* and now desktop computers have gone touch screen capable!

the end of Boy Bands...
haha I know y'all are like 'WTF?' but as a teen, especially 1998-2002 i LOVED my boy bands, Nsync and Backstreet boys mostly.. fun times those were... kinda glad I've grown up past it all. I wasted sooo much money on damn posters that I don't have any more.... but I'm not sure if its the 'end' because New Kids came back and BSB still making albums... I'm just waiting on news of an Nsync reunion tour.
high-tech cell phones
umm does anyone remember when cell phones were tiny and had a grey looking screen? all you could do was sent text messages and play some corny snake game? hahaha wow... but you can take pics and video, browse the web and pay bill from your cell phone!!! crazy

Reality TV
now although MTV had the first reality show in the early 90s it all kinda got out of hand in the early 2000s... i was soooo beyond annoyed with Reality TV.. now I'm still kinda annoyed, but i do have those few shows i love to watch.

DVR and Tivo
ahhhh good-bye VCR hello DVR!! who ever created this is a genius!!! I love it... no more having to buy cassette tapes to record my fave shows for when I'm not home- saved me money for sure!

Movie stars as the Governor?
maybe its just in California. but I remember everyone goes nuts w/ excitement because 'Mr. Terminator' became out Governor.... Yea.. and now look what a fab job he's doing! ::sarcasm:: the only thing i see being terminated is the school systems =(

The 1st African-American President
I voted and my voted counted [technically it always does.. but this time my vote won!] YAY November 2008 was such an emotional time, for everyone i think. Just thinking about it gives me chills and brings a smile to my face.

a little film called Twilight
WTH... never before in my life, aside from Ninja Turtles and Power Rangers [back in the early 90s], have I been sooo damn hooked on a movie/series. This movie snuck into my life and it wont leave. But it's perfectly fine because i LOVE it!

Fashion Trends
- my goodness.. some fashion trends over this last year and the last 10 have been crazy! Does anyone remember back in 03 or 04 when fish net shirts was in? I remember Forever 21 selling fish net shirts.... not cute.
- cut up leggings are not cute; it looks like someone was attacked by a cat!
- denim- its gone through numerous transformations during the last 10 years.. i do recall a time when wide-leg jeans were 'in then flare jeans.. now skinny and 'the boyfriend' jeans are in.. however 'the boyfriend' jeans are not cute to me... not at all.

Britney Spears
Yes, I'm a Britney fan. She's done a lot in the last 10 years... she's had her ups, downs and all in between. I still love her though. her classic dance moves and video costumes that people still mimic to this day; her break-up with JT... and then it all went down-hill =( that random dude she married for 2 days... K-fed [ugh] and her 2 adorable baby boys. I hope next year and the 10 year bring us more B. Spears!!!

Napster & iTunes/ iPod
what the hell did we do before iPods and MP3s??? Does anyone remember when Napster was 'illegal' and some kids got charged for downloaded music from there.... ahhh that was scary stuff! Thank God for iTunes and the iPod... who would have thought a tiny gadget could hold 1200+ songs... i LOVE it =)

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