Sunday, January 24, 2010

Back to School = The Beginning of the End

So school starts back tomorrow (my inner dork is kinda happy), and this will be my last semester as a full time student! Wooo Hooo! Although I still have to come back in the summer [2 classes] AND the fall [for 1 freakin class] spring 2010 will be the last time I take 12 or more units! Thank GOD! Many of the other students from my major that graduated last spring, or this upcoming one got/are getting job related to the major, gearing up for grad school and all that. But for some reason I'm a little hesitant... almost like I'm going backwards rather than forward. As of now I have a job related to my career field. but not 100% in the area that i would prefer to be working. I'm a little scared to go job hunting for a job in my desired career. idk why...


  1. Its funny, how when your getting closer to be doing done, you lose all energy to want to be there...LOL!!!

  2. haha that is true... i've had "senior-itis" for a while now....