Saturday, November 3, 2012

10 Day You Challage - 5 Foods

I'm a few days late, but like the saying goes "Its better late than never" =) So this weeks "10 Day You Challenge" is about 5 Foods. I've chosen to list my top favorite foods. By no means its not easy but the thought alone makes me hungry!
1. Tacos
2. Spaghetti [ with hillshire farm sausage NOT ground meat]
3. Pad Thai (spicy)
4. Southwest Spring Rolls [I'm sure they go by various names, usually found at Tex-Mex restaurants]
5. French Fries - homemade, frozen brands, sweet potato, curly, crinkle... love them all!!
Whats some of your favorite foods? Join in on the link-up!


  1. I've never had spicy pad thai.. I keep hearing about it but havent seen it anywhere. >_< Been wanting to try it though.

    Have you ever had avocado spring rolls? Those are realllllllllly good too! Ahh, now I am hungry...

    1. I've never had Thai food until I moved to seattle and I'm HOOKED!

      Haven't tried avocado spring rolls but those sound yummy

  2. I forgot spring rolls on my list! I love the southwest/tex mex type as well! They are supposed to be a appetizer but I could eat a bunch of them as a meal!

    I am hungry now too!

    1. I discovered southwest rolls when I moved to Texas last year and OMG I can eat those all day! lol