Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Short Hiatus Due To Surgery

Hello ladies!

First off I want to thanlk all of you that entered the giveaway!! I will be choocing a winner soon I have not forgotten. However the purpose of this post is to let you ladies know I will not be posting for roughly 2 weeks because I need to have eye surgery and the one working eye I have isn't too stong and I don't want to strain it trying to blog (not tat I dont love to blog... you ladies get what I mean).

I'm having surgury becase the retina in my right eye detached (its not painful) and right now I can not see anything thru my right eye :( the worsrt part about that is my right eye was my stronger eye of the two. No I'm not completely blind buttt I'm close to it. I was completely freaked out when the eye doc told me mainly because the same thind happened with my left eye as a baby due to me being a prematre birth.

All in all I'm calm now. I know God will fix the issue and restore my vision. So with that being said I will talk with u ladies some time after my surgury. Also be expecting a blog sale soon (the surgery bill can't pay itself lol)

And as promised once I regain full vision I will ebe choosing a winner for the giveaway!

** please disregard all spelling errors; blogger won't let me spell check.



  1. Good luck with your surgery!! I hope all goes well :)

  2. Hey, I'm a new follower from the BLT blog hop! I hope your surgery goes well! :)

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