Sunday, November 25, 2012

Any Trey Songz Fans Out There??

Not sure if you ladies know this or not buuttt I absolutely adore Trey Songz! Been a fan of his since wayyyyy back in 2005! So back in August or September Trey put out a new album [Chapter V] and as a result he's been touring for the last month. His show tonight, stops in Los Angeles and to help his Angels With Heart Foundation is going to broadcast the concert live online for everyone to see(for only $1.99)! I'm super excited about this because his tour doesn't make a stop in Seattle so now I'll have a chance to check it out. BUT the point of this post is to inform you ladies of the concert and the good cause the money is going towards.

Angels with Heart foundation is a foundation within Trey's fan club "Trey's Angels". The purpose is to encourage his fans/Angels and others to give back to those in need because there is always someone is a worse off situation than yourself. So if you're a fan of his music or just want to help out towards a good cause, purchase a ticket for only $2! Besides how often can you see a full concert for only TWO DOLLARS??!! Don't miss out!

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