Monday, October 8, 2012

Ink Work

I'm a fan of tattoos. I currently have 4 and at least 4 more that I eventually want to get and yet another list of others I might want. Crazy huh??

I got my very first tattoo at 19. I remember my cousin and I drove all around Los Angeles finding a tattoo shop that was reasonably prices. I didn't know much about the process judging tat shops or anything. I just knew I didn't want to spend  fortune! Silly little me... I remember when I went home and told my mom I wanted to get one she was all like "whatever, its your body" The next day however when I came home with a tattoo on my shoulder she was angry! She was always like that with me and my brother, wanted us to make our own decision yet still voice her disapproval if we did certain things anyway. So the first tattoo I got was a small butterfly on the back of my shoulder, cliche I know but I was 19!

My 2nd tattoo I got when I was 21, it was father's day weekend I think. Me and my bff went so she could get her 1st tattoo. Initially I didn't want to get anything but after sitting in the shop for 30mins I decided to get a red rose w/ my beautiful Sorority { ΛΣΓ } letters on a scroll

Tattoo #3 came when I was 22. I was in Texas that summer visiting my pregnant sister-in-law I initially went to the tattoo shop because my niece that was 17 at the time wanted to get a tattoo and I was going to sign the consent forms for her. Since that was kinda against the shop's rules she couldn't get anything done. So since we were already there I decided to get a "spur-of-the-moment" tattoo. Nothing fancy and no in depth meaning behind it, but none the less its cute!

during- it was on my hip bone and it hurt!

after- this is the only picture I could find. Sorry that it looks blurry.

Tattoo #4 came just a few short months ago. I decided to get the Breast Cancer ribbon on the front side of my shoulder. Its not as bright as I would have liked but I love it none the less. You may remember I posted my Breast Cancer Awareness story last week {here} so check that out if you haven;t read it yet.


Even though I have 4 tattoos, I plan on getting more. Three or four that I know for sure what they will  be but only 200% positive on two of those four. [ a RIP tattoo for my mommy and a more spiritual tat on my foot.

So do any of you ladies have tattoos? What are your thoughts of them?


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  2. I love tattoos! I currently have 5 and plan to get more! Stopping by from the GFC follower!


    1. thanks for dropping by and following! And yea I can't wait to start adding new tattoos. found some cool designs on pinterest believe it or not