Thursday, October 4, 2012

10 Day You Challenge- 9 Loves


As you may remember from a earlier post I'm doing the '10 Day You Challenge'. Want to know more about the challenge? Head over to Blog Love Therapy to join in on the fun!

*** 9 Things I Love ***

1) God & Jesus Christ
2) Cupcakes - I always associate Cakes with parties so cupcakes are like mini-parties =) And their even better with sprinkles
3) My Family - I may not always agree with what the say or the decisions they make BUT at the end of the day they always have my back.

my precious 4 year old niece
[she's only one of the 12 nieces/nephews that I have]

one of my older sisters, my daddy and I

4) Citrus Fruit - oranges, mango, papaya, pineapples, etc
5) Chocolate - I'm only slightly addicted
Source: via Hazel on Pinterest

6) Scary Movies - I owe all 7 Saw movies, grew up watching the original Halloween! I just love em.... strange? eh....
7) Crime/ Investigation Shows - Criminal Minds, Snapped, Dateline, CSI: New York; I love the "who done it" factor of trying to solve the crime
8) Going to concerts - nothing better than seeing music artists I like perform live! Went to my first concert at 13.... to see *Nsync and I've been shoveling out money ever since
9) Makeup - I can be feeling like total crap, PMSing to the extreme but a little bit of eye shadow and eye liner gives me this boost of confidence when its most needed


  1. haha love the chocolate quote. It's true, I can't imagine a life without chocolate. If i could travel the world to sample chocolate, I would... =)

    1. Yes, the world would be a little bit sadder without chocolate! lol

  2. The original Halloween! Great movie! Thanks for reminding me that I need to pull that out this season and introduce a few friends to an absolute CLASSIC!

    Also... nieces are the GREATEST, aren't they?

    1. It was indeed a great movie! I cant wait for it to come on TV later this month. And YES nieces are awesome! The little girl in the picture.... I spoil her like crazy! lol

  3. Love what you said about cupcakes! That's so true!

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