Saturday, October 20, 2012

10 Day You Challenge - 7 wants


1. a VW Beetle [not the 2012 edition... those are ugly]
2. Go on a real vacation [Hawaii? Miami? YES please!]
3. To have a job that I truly LOVE
4. To find some hobbies to keep myself busy
5. To be in a long-term loving relationship [ we all deserve love right?]
6. To one day get married, have 3 kids, and a nice house with a HUGE walk-in closet just for myself
7. To be HAPPY with all that God has blessed me with and continue to


  1. These are all great wants. Makes mine seem silly, ha! I particularly like 5-7.

    1. Thanks! I kinda snuck 4 things into #^ but they fall in the same category lol