Wednesday, October 10, 2012

How Pinteresting..... Pretty in Pink

So its hump day and you all know what that means right??? Yep a Pinterest fiesta/link-up is upon us once again. My theme last week was very random so this time around I figured a pink theme was in order! Nothing like a bright pink anything to get me through a Wednesday! Be sure to check out Michelle's page The Vintage Apple, as the link-up is her creation and join in on the fun =) Have a good day.

I've always secretly wanted pink streaks in my hair...
I should probably do something about it before I hit 30.

This is mainly the only drink I get from Starbucks... LOVE it!

Source: via Rowan on Pinterest

Men have their "Man Caves" and we have a Pink Room

Its so darn cute I doubt I'd be able to eat it