Monday, October 1, 2012

10 Day You Challenge- 10 Secrets


Last week I was hopping around the blog world and found a ton of neat blogs! Usually I tend to follow fashion/make-up blogs but I felt it was time to change that up a bit. While fishing through the sea of blogs I came across Blog Love Therapy. It sort of like a fund directory for blogs. They post link-ups and challenges [like the one I'm going to post about] as a way of helping bloggers get more traffic to their sites and meet other bloggers. So check out the site and join in on all the fun!

*** 10 Secrets ***
  1. I can't go a full week without eating chocolate [ rather a Hershey's bar, ice cream, chocolate covered almonds...] I'm addicted!!
  2. I one day hope to run a full marathon
  3. I'd rather sit at home with a book, a movie or some good TV shows than go to a club
  4. I love heels even though I can walk in them well
  5. As much as I love pretty shoes- I hate shopping for shoes because I hardly find cute shoes that fit my size 10/10.5/11 size foot [size differs depending on the shoe]
  6. I LOVE watching 90s cartoons/ shows [Fresh Prince, Rugrats, Full House, Boy Meets World, Doug, Ninja Turtles anything from my childhood]
  7. The only drink I get from Starbucks is their Passion Tea Lemonade -- I don't like coffee
  8. Although I don't drink coffee I love the smell of Folgers.. reminds me of my mom, that's all she ever drank
  9. I can't leave the house with putting on make-up; which usually consists of eye liner, mascara, lip gloss, and filling in my eye brows [and that's the minimal!]
  10. I hate sudden change- I totally freak out. For example yesterday my computer did some type of system update.... in the process it completely changed my Internet homepage and deleted all of the links in my Favorites! Needless to say I FLIPPED my roommate just looked at me crazy. But it totally irks my nerves when things change without being warranted...

So what are your secrets?? Join the challenge and share!


  1. Great post.I'm stopping through from the BlogLoveTherapy blog hop. I just followed you maybe we can follow each other.

  2. thanks! I checked out your blog too and followed!

  3. I am completely addicted to chocolate too! I have tons of it on hand. Thankfully my boyfriend keeps my stash well stocked lol.

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