Thursday, October 25, 2012

Guess Who's Off The Market?

Last week sometime I was on Twitter and noticed that TMZ posted a story about Justin Timberlake having a secret wedding and supposedly not inviting the *Nsync guys.... literally all I say was "*Nsync" and "wedding" and rushed to click the link... don't judge! lol Now being the fact that I was OBSESSED with boy bands in the 90s I hurried to read their little story. Now because I have been super busy the last 2 weeks at work pulling in some full time hours, I didn't know what the heck was going on! Surely I would have known about some wedding pertaining to JT.... [I like to keeps tabs on him, again don't judge lol]

Earlier this week I noticed a few entertainment pages, like TMZ and E! posting stories about the supposed wedding.... Someone even snagged a picture w/ Justin wearing his ring. So I'm guessing the wedding in legit! I'm happy for the two of them. Jessica is gorgeous and Justin is, well, he's JT is an explanation really necessary?? ;) Hopefully now we can get some new music out of the married man.... its been 6 years since FutureSex/LoveSounds ... that's 5 years too long without new tunes....


  1. Seriously, Justin broke my heart. </3
    All this time I was convinced he was waiting for me. :((( boooo!

    1. I totally feel the same way! *sigh*