Sunday, August 8, 2010

Nail Art Review

So a few days ago I put up a post stating that I bought a KISS Nail Design kit. I tried it out last week. So far soo good! It comes with adhesive stencils that you place on your nail. Then you pick any one the 3 art paints and color in the stencil. Wait a few minutes, let the nail art dry and WAA-LAA you have a cute design on your nail.

* also add a top coat it help the color stay longer, thats what I did.

I chose the fleur-de-lis I've been on a 'New Orleans' high since March when I went and this new season of The Real World is only making it worse. ... and then i found some show on Discovery channel called The Colony thats loosely based in/on New Orleans.... maybe one day I'll move to N.O.
=/ its blurry

not as bad as the first pic

this is what the kit looks like

I'm going to try another look tonight after work and will post pics later in the week!

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