Wednesday, August 18, 2010


August 9th marked one year since i started this blog!! How the heck did a whole year pass by already??!?! A lot has happened in the last year. I've made too many lists to remember, I've made friends and possibly lost some too, went on a few awesome trips! Learned about other parts of the country, had a short-lived relationship that surprisingly taught me a thing or 2, learned/experimented more with make-up, changed jobs, dealt with drama from various sources, went through a depressing time, bought a guitar!, turned 24, (sorta) graduated from college [loooong story]. In the past year I have laughed, cried, been happy, mad, felt loved, felt hated, felt important, felt unappreciated. I've lived and learned above all else! I hope in the next 12 months I have more awesome experiences that I can reflect on!! So thank you all for sticking around for the last year to read my blog and read all of my randomness!! 

yay for my blog being 1 years old!!! =)

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