Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Honesty Tag

A few weeks I was tagged by Kryssie and I was also tagged by CarmelCutie0215 to do an Honesty tag. Here it is =)

a)Show off your honesty(and modesty) by thanking the person who gave you the award and link to their post. [see above =) ]

b) List 10 honest things about yourself. Cheating makes you lame, so just play along, all you taggees.

1 I have a serious addiction to chocolate.. i consume way too much of it on a weekly basis!
2. I love to watch movies
3. I don't care much for going to clubs [it's taken me a while to accept that its normal to be in my 20s and not like clubs.. hahaha]
4. I love (most) crime shows.. kinda always have [Criminal Minds, CSI Miami, . anyone remember Rescue 911???!!]
5. I usually keep to myself... I tend to be more quiet than i am outspoken.. everyone keeps telling me this, but idk why I act like that. I'm only outgoing around those closest to me.
6. I don't drink coffee [yuck!] but i LOVE the smell of it =)
7. I'm just now [within the last month or so] learning how to cook....
8. I get shy/nervous around any guy I like [darn insecurities! lol]
9. I procrastinate with EVERY thing I do =(
10. I've never been in love.. .I've had plenty of crushes or "lust" but never love... one day it'll happen.

c) Select 7 other bloggers you think deserve this award and pass it on to them.
    everyone thats following me- You've been selected =) Let me know if you chose to post  this on your blog and i'll check it out!

d) Notify said bloggers about the award and invite them to be the honest ones next. Ooh, I'm sure they'd love that.

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