Friday, August 13, 2010

CBS can kick rocks!

They really messed this one up!  How do you change the day and time of when your two of your most popular shows come on???? And you put new crappy shows in their time slot?! I half-way understand that Hawaii Five-0 was popular back in the days before i was born, but darnit.... it does not need to be resurrected! Moving sexy Erik Delko (csi miami) to Sunday's will not help me look forward to Monday's.... and then you move CSI NY too??!?! UMMMMM That just screwed up an entire 2 hour block of TV/dvr time i had going..... shame. I might be upset about this for a while. at least until the new CSI seasons start! Thats all...

* yes, i realize that i may watch a little too much TV at times =/ ... that just may be my down fall in life..... LoL

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