Monday, August 30, 2010

Back to school / update

So this week is back to school. Usually I'm excited but due to my current situation I'm not excited about the 1 class I'm taking this semester. Well I'm sort of excited since its not at my normal school... its at a community college that I've never taken classes at before. But its Human Bio/ Anatomy.... 'nuff said!

Also this week I get to go through step one of the hiring process for a preschool/child care teacher job I applied for. woo hoo!! I thought I hadn't been considered because I applied back in July. I soo need a job in that field, or the last 4 years would have been a total waste!

On Sunday I went to church for the first time in FOREVER [like almost a year!]. And due to me being a total emotional girl I broke down crying before the opening song service ended....Guess I still had some built up stress I needed to let go. The service was good and I got to see many familiar faces, and one I wasn't expecting. My ex! Not that recent jerk I mentioned before... but a dude I dated when I was like 19!! Now that seems like ages ago! We caught for a while, good times; almost didn't seem like we hadn't seem each other for 5 years! Crazy.

I didn't get to see Takers :-(  but I'm totally cool about it! I will see it eventually. Heard a lot of good reviews so I'm even more exciting to see it... not sure how that's even possible since the 7 hotties in the movie had me all anxious! haha

*i will have a small haul-type post coming soon! Hope everyone had a good Monday!

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