Sunday, August 1, 2010

Letter #9- Someone I'd like to meet

this letter can go 2 way... i can write to an 'ideal' of a person i'd like to meet.. or an actual i'd like to meet..... i''ll make it a tad bit easier and write to someone who exists  that i'd love to meet!.. or make that 2 letters

Dear Justin Timberlake,
So yea I've been a fan for a looonnnnngggg time. You're freakin amazing in case you didn't know. One day I hope I get to meet you and tell you that! I wont chase you, rip your clothes, or any other crazy fan things... I might cry, cant promise... Thanks for taking your clothing line to Target.... just when I pay it off you gave me a reason to keep on using it.... Can't wait for your upcoming movies.. but ummmm can you put out another album please?! and dare I say, can we get a *Nsync reunion? SOMETHING!  But keep doing what you do cause you do it very well. <3

Dear Will Smith,
15 years of being a fan... 15yrs of movies and laughing and watchin you on TV.... I'd probably really cry if I met you. You're really freakin amazing, just so you know.... I'm still waiting for you're next moive... like the next movie you star in! As long as you keep making 'em I'll keep watchin em! It's cute that you're family is working together and your kids are making movies and such. <3

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