Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I totally could've been a fashion major....`

...OR maybe not! haha I seem to only be creative occasionally. And this past weekend was one of those occasional times! I re-arranged my room Friday (during the small space between  filling out a job app and meeting the director of the place i applied to and got to work at 2pm!). I cleaned some more on Saturday and then Sunday morning decided to play fashion designer!! lmao.

I was cleaning out my closet [the jeans section and noticed 2 pairs of jean I haven't worn since April when I was in New Orleans. The jeans were covered in paint, and I just knew I'd never really wear then again. But do I throw them out?! HECK NO! One pair I simply cut into shorts and the other pair I turned into a skirt.... and that took some patience. I finished the skirt after work. I must say the skirt came out looking kinda decent... one of these days while its still warm I shall wear it. Below are the after pics... didn't take any before pics [oops]

the shorts

the skirt

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