Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Favorite Eyeliner

Ever since I started using eyeliner, its always been the pencil/crayon kind. Mary Kay has one smooth eyeliner that I LOVE. but when the pencil broke i was stuck w/o eyeliner!  My mom didn't have anymore sooo I had to buy a Maybelline one that was similar; it did the job. After a while i got bored with my eyeliner looking smudgy, I was possibly doing something wrong! About a month before this I bought a CoverGirl liquid eyeliner, called ExactLine [I think....] The first few times I used it, I looked crazy! After trying it again recently I figured it out and now LOVE this eyeliner!! It looks really bold/standout-ish in pics, so that must be good, right?! On the few occasions I have used it, I look pics.

I &heats; this eyeshadow!!
I believe i used Mary Kay 'Steel' eye shadow
i love the silvery look!

What do you girls think?! Any other good eyeliners out there?

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