Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Tattoo Itch

No I didn't get a new tat.. not yet at least. BUT I do want one!!! I hae 3 already and #4 and #5 are already picked out. Its just a matter of when I will get them. The next tat I get would've been #5 (angel wings and halo)but I was really inspired when I went down to New Orleans for spring break! The only thing standing in the way me getting my next tat is the location. I have one spot kind of picked out but I'm not sure how it will look =/ But at least I have 2 weeks to map this out.. want to get it for my birthday before my ID expires on me! hahaa

*Do any of you have tattoos??


  1. I have one tat on my right lower back and want two or three more. I haven't been inspired by anything though so I don't know what I want to get, I just know where. I want one on my lower left hip, and the other two I'm debating if I should get for professional reasons. One on my wrist and one on the side of my finger.

  2. ohh cool! i want a tattoo on my wrist also.. but like you said, pofessional reasons are causing me to wait. If i find some good makeup or a cute bracelet that can cover what i want, i'll get it! lol