Saturday, April 17, 2010

Concerts that are a MUST!

I love going to concerts but i havent been able to go to any so far this yea. And there's been quite a few tours i've wanted to see [Timbaland, Trey Songz, Mariah, T. Swift... etc] So with summer approaching theres definitely a few shows I REALLY want to see!!!

1. Kings of Leon.... I like a few of their songs and I havent been to a 'rock/alternative' concert before... and theres not time like the present to change that! lol

2. Backstreet Boys- yea u read that right!! *IF* I get tix to this tour it'll only be my 4th time seeing them [after 12 yrs... so 4 ain't a lot!]! Although I like *NSYNC a little bit more, I've lost hope on that *NSYNC reunion =(... Plus I still got love for BSB and I actually liked their last album!

this might be the '2000' version of them...
the 2010 version does not include Kevin (the tall one in the middle) lol

3. Rihanna -- if it wasn't for Twitter I probably wouldnt have known that she was touring! Luckily tix for the LA show haven't gone on sale... soooo theres some small amount of hope that I'll be seeing Rihanna on tour! But not looking forward to Ke$ha.....

*Are there any tour y'all are looking forward to? Did I miss any good shows that are coming up?!

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