Monday, April 26, 2010

Quick Update... need to go MIA

Hi ladies! Hope everyone is doing well!! If this post loooks funny let me know cause I'm sending this from my phone!First off hello to the new subscribers I have!! Yay! You're all awesome!

Why I'll be MIA
1. Graduation is 1 month from today and I'm excited and nervous! This also means that finals are in 3 week and I need to do well to better mý chances for Grad School!!

2. My mom is sick... Like in the hospital sick. And obviously that is much more important that blogging. I will *try* to toss out a blog or two on occasion, but I won't guarentee anythng!

Sooo yea... Hope u can all still stick around!! I have a bunch of 'drafts' started! Those will eventually b posted :-) hehe.

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