Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Health Goal: No chocolate for a week

OMG! Me?? No chocolate?? Had someone told me a month ago that I would go a week w/o any chocolate I would've called them crazy! ESPECiALLY since one of those days in the week was my birthday!! Every year for as long as I can emember I've gotten a German Chocolate cake.. but not this year! I got Red Velvet Cupcakes bestie made them!!! And those things are!! lmao!

Im sure some of you are thinking "Whats the big deal about not eating chocolate?" Well trust me, its a HUGE deal!! I eat chocolate like a alcoholic drinks on a regular/daily basis! It was at the point where I would unconsciencely by chocolate [like M&Ms, chocolate chip cookies, hershey's] anytime I needed a snack.. I've been eating chocolate everything since I was a little kid [had to have CHOCOLATE pop-tarts rather than any other kind.. only ate Chip Ahoy! cookies!]. why I wouldn't by healthier things is beyond me. But for this past week I literally was fully aware of what I bought! Ate more salads and fruit... didn't have too much fried food either. Hopefully I can contimue to eat healther!!

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