Monday, November 1, 2010

Busy, busy busy + new hair do

I've wanted to post so badly the last week or 2, but had NOTHING to blog about, with the exception of the 2 things I actually blogged about =/ Hope everyone enjoyed their October; can't believe its already over. I've been crazy busy w/ work lately... working 30+ hours is VERY time consuming, never understood that until now. I did nothing for Halloween because I worked all weekend, then one of my dear friends moved clear across the country! School is.. okay. I had a test last Friday and I think I did okay.. All-in-all life is okay. Mom is getting better which is always good.

Remember how I posted before about getting a half wig to wear as a protective style? Well this past weekend I got my first weave [sew-in]!!! My cousin did it and people have said they can't even tell its a weave! Posted a pic on Facebook and one of my sisters thought it was my real hair. Surprisingly the color matched perfectly =) I'll post a few pics below, what do you girls think?

the bottom portion is a darker color

it's not too long, so it looks realistic. I love it!

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