Thursday, November 18, 2010

Brrr.. It's Cold in Here

Yes I pulled that straight from Bring It On! It's finally getting cold here in California so winter attire is needed!! Recently I went to Target [and almost bought up the whole store...] and bought a few things. A few days later I ordered some things from Forever 21 for me & my mom [her gifts are a surprise..]. Then yesterday my mom & I went looking for a cute jacket for my niece..and left with like 2 extra bags.... oops [after reading this sounds like we went on a pre-Black Friday Shopping spree, lol]

cute plaid scarf I got at Target

gold scarf; also from Target

teal colored long sleeve; Forever21

cream colored faux leather jacket; F21


teal/tan/white stripped sweater. I talked my mom into buying this
.I may borrow it one day ;-)

Saw these beauties and HAD to buy them-- they were only $20!!!!
[bought them at Ross]

another shot of the shoes. yea I too a pic of the shoes on the kitchen table...

10 shades of polish set- $3.99!!!
I'm wearing the Romance color now [6th bottle from the left]
needed about 2 to 3 coats for the color to really show
but I'm still liking it!!

** I also bought Lauren Conrad's new book Style. Haven't had time to sit down and read it yet but when I do I will discuss it in a blog post **

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