Tuesday, November 23, 2010

My inner teen ♥ NKOTBSB

Yes, that's right..... I loved The Backstreet Boys as a teenager, and I still love them now. I may or may not have loved *Nsync more BUT that's not the point.... the point of this post is... The Backstreet Boys are clearly not going anywhere anytime soon. This time around their  teaming with with the hottest [.. and probably only] boyband from the 80s.. LOL. Looonnnggg story short; these 2 groups are touring together next summer and I'M GOING! Yep, even before the AMAs aired, I grabbed up my ticket to the NKOTBSB show that hits Los Angeles. Since none of my friends are fans of BSB I'm going to the show alone, BUT I'm sure I'll make friends with other fans by then! For the most part the AMAs were BLAH. Most of the performances were boring as well. Usher, Pink and NOTBSB were the best, in my opinion.

For those few who may have missed the NKOTB & BSB mega performance, I found a clip on YouTube. Enjoy =)

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