Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Healthy Living

Right now, I should be sleep considering I have a headache and it has taken those 2 little Advil's a little too long to kick in... But I'm not sleep. As I was watching a CSI: NY re-run I started to think: I way wayyy unhealthy. I don't know if this is from years of busy college life; "eating on the go" mentality.. but that is exactly how I eat. Since I typically work at night I have time to make breakfast but never do much for lunch, so when my meal break comes at work and I go home to eat its something quick and usually high in sodium. I also realized [I've always known this but have been in DENIAL] I eat entirely wayyyyy toooo much CHOCOLATE ::cringes:: ahhhhh there I said it. I eat some form of chocolate almost everyday. And I don't mean just one small Hershey kiss, i mean like a regular size kit-kat or a bag of almond M&Ms ... which is all very unhealthy after a few days.. UGH. I'm kinda mad at myself for being in such denial about it for so long....I needed a intervention YEARS ago- seriously!!

I've seen other blogger posting healthy food choices/meals/recipes on their blogs. I may do something like that, or look for some good cookbooks for beginners, cause the Lord knows I'm no Martha Stewart! As I come across good healthy food tips I will try to post them. I'm 5 months and 15 days shy of my 25th birthday and I want to be a lot more healthy than I have been in the past... too many health issues effect both of my parents sides of the family for me to not get my act together! What are some food choices you ladies have made to live healthier?

A few health changes I have made are:
  1. Instead of SODA, I drink flavor water [Sobe Life water, Vitamin water, Propel, etc]
  2. Instead of regular juice [Ocean Spray Cran-Apple that's only 27% juice], I get the Ocean Spray 100% mixes.. its all real juice so there is NO added sugar!]
  3. I have been eating more bananas which is VERY unlike me, or at least the old me!
  4. Lately I've been eating baby carrots... I use Jalapeno-Ranch dip ti give it flavor cause I don't like regular Ranch... [yea, I'm weird]
  5. I've been eating a lot less fried chicken! Maybe once every few months, as opposed to every other week!!!! Baked chicken is much better!!
Hope my small beginners list helps... let me know what you girls are doing!!!

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  1. I think I am going to try to eat healthier but I mean I am always on the go it jus easier to just eat junk and it kinda taste better 0_o lol