Friday, March 19, 2010

Workin' on my fitness

So in one month I'll be 24 ::gasps:: and I'm not happy with my lack of weight loss... Probably because I haven't been trying as hard as I should. There is really no excuse for me to not be working out since there is a Bally's half a mile [nice walking distance] from my apartment!!! A few weeks back I *considered* getting QuickTrim.. BUT read some reviews and most were negative. THEN i saw the price of  that stuff- $40!! Ummm nope thats tooo much, plus I highly doubt that Kim Kardashian even used that stuff, maybe Khole did, idk but deff not Kim she has like no weight to even try to lose!

So what I've decided to do for a little inspiration is this: I searched through some of my old issues of 17magazine... ripped out all the fold-out sections with work-out techniques and I plan on trying some of these, if not all, within the next month. So i've devised a plan of things i will & won't do to help myself get healthier and hopefuly lose some weight:
  1. No soda! I did this for my 101.. i just want to extend it to a long period of time... I know this is very much do-able.
  2. Less high-sodium foods... like Panda Express!! P.E. always sounds so yummy until I'm half way done eating it. =/
  3. Dare i say it..... no.. LESS chocolate! I really eat waaayyy too much chocolate candy... and i want that to end.... once i finish the York Peppermint candies i just bought yesterday ;)
  4. When in doubt I'll eat a salad! haha... so those long days at school when i start to crazy somethign thats totally unhealthy, i'll get a salad. Im sure the salads at places like Carls JR, El Pollo Loco and Subway aren't the healthiest.. but its a heck of a lot better that some chilli cheese fries. i'm sure.
  5. ... as i think of more bad things im going to cut back on I'll post it...
if you have any suggestions let me know!

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