Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I have a crush... and he's 40 [and famous!]

hahaha soo my bestie and my mom think I'm nuts! I dont see why, but they do. I'm totally crushing on Gerard Butler right now! Someone please tell me they also see the hottness in this man!! Anyone?! It allll started with The Ugly Truth that was a really cute movie.. and i adored him!.. More than anything his ACCENT! omg i love it! I love men w/ accents in general [mostly East Coast accients like any guy from Boston or NYC! lmao!] But back to the man of the hour... yea so I saw the movie, thought he was sooo adorably cute! Then I saw another movie he did [P.S. I Love You]... next thing I know I'm lookin up info on him and find out he's Scottish [that much i could tell-accent] and he's40 ::gasps:: umm didn't see that coming.. but 40... no biggie.. Will Smith is like 41 and I absoultely LOVE him! lol But I really want to see The Bounty Hunter.. it  looks like a funny movie. I feel a trip to the video store coming on [need to see Law Abiding Citizen  and Gamer] =) has anyone seen those last 2 movies? Were they any good? I'm sure Law Abiding Citizen is good, Jaime Fox is in it too!


  1. Gerard Butler? LOL i was JUST telling my friend today how I don't get the appeal. Maybe because I never saw 300 and only saw The Ugly Truth. My sister saw Law Abiding Citizen and said it was really good. I'm getting it at redbox tomorrow.

  2. haha I never saw 300 either.. I'm not into movies like that, their boring to me... haha but his accent is what seems appealing to me.. its just adorable! lol