Thursday, March 25, 2010

One Word Tag

Yesterday I was tagged by Ronesha at Pretty much theres a lit of words and I just write the first word that comes to mind!! So here it is::

Hair- wrapped [as of 10:00pm]
Your Mother-awesome
Your Father- doing well
Fav Food- pasta
Dream last night-... none
Fav drink- passion tea lemonade
What room are you in my room: dining  room
Hobby-watching movies
Where were you last night - at home
Something that you aren't- disabled [Thank God for that!]
Muffins- bananna nut OR chocolate chip
Wish list item- coach purse
Where you grow up- Texas
What you are wearing- V.S. green sweats and t-shirt
Your Pet- none =(
Friends- amazing
Something your not wearing- shoes
Fav Store - F21
Fav Color-Pink
Last time you laughed- within the last hour
Your Best Friend- .... Kimmie
Best Place you go over and over- ... the beach
Person who email you regularly- either sorority sisters or campus email server about important campus issues. lol
Fav place to eat- anywhere! lol 
* yes i used more than one word...somethings cant be summed up in 1 words...

I Tag:
1. Chelsey at
2. Cynthia at
3. Danielle at
3. all other followers whose sites i may not be aware of!! send me your link and i'll check it out!!

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