Monday, March 8, 2010

Hunting for an Internship

I never knoew hunting for an internship could be so difficult.. maybe its just me, idk. I've found various internships in the entertainment and fashion fields but none of those are even slightly related to my majors.. which deals with Families and children. I did find 2 internships, but I want to find more just in case. The news had a small segment with some girl that has a website that helps college student look for interships. This got me in the mood to search for some since i ditched class. I did find another website that "helps" you look for an internship... but you have to pay $1,000!!! They must be out of their damn mind!!! I will look the old fashion way- ON MY OWN! A few interships before 2011 will do me some good... since only 1 out of my previous/current jobs is even related to my desired career field!


  1. It's hard looking for an internship. I remember when I was in school, and had to find one. I sent letters to almost every single place I was interested in. At the end, my advisor/ director of the department hooked me up with something. Maybe you should try that route? Also, if you're looking for a paid one, you may end up having to take an unpaid internship in the end.

    Good luck with your search!

  2. Girl. Looking for internships is extremely hard. I've been looking for fashion or business mgt internships and they never seem to have any! Everything is always for accounting or something not related to me. :(

  3. thanks for the advice Kim... my major Dept has a counselor/instructor specifically for the Internship class, so I'll be talking with her soon!!!

    Chels: I've seen a few for fashion. But one of my sorors searched forever for a fashion internship =/ Good luck!