Thursday, March 25, 2010

Movie Lover's Paradise

[due to my negligence of posting, i forgot to post this a month ago... hope its not too late!!]
Sooo if you love movies you'll need to know what i'm about to tell you!! Sadly due to the piss-poor economy many businesses ae forced to close. =( Hollywood Video Store is no exception.. i remember when this store first opened in my old hometown back in Texas... But the one by my house is closing in the next few months weeks and they are having a masive sale!!! I'm talking $4 and $5 for movies.... old and semi-new! I'm kinda excited since i love movies. I'll have to make a list of movies I want to see and search for the next week. lol ha.. never made that list and now the store is damn near bare =(

In the last few weeks, i did find/purchase these movies... welll movie and TV show...

.....yea 'The Love Guru' looks supeer corny, but its all for the love of JT.. and him wearing a speedo ;)
-- the Prison Break disc is actually and extended version of the finale.... ties up some loose ends.. and some parts are way different then what was aired

but OMFG if anyone... and i mean ANYONE knows where I can find the movie below.. PLEASE let me know... i loved that movies when i was like 12 and would love to see it again. =)

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