Monday, March 15, 2010

natural hairstyle

So I've decided to help myself save some money and I'm going to try a few diff 'natural' hairstyles. I tried bantu knots about a month ago, then I decided to try the wavy/crinkly look.... Or as YouTubers call it... a 'braid out'. I'm not accustomed to trying to style my own hair, so forgive me if I say somthing that sounds off.. haha its all kinda new to me. I've always either gotten my hair done by someone I know [who's at the very least been to cosmotology school or has their liscense] OR I bursh in back to a ponytail [which I hate! lol]. So I'm trying to be way more self -sufficint in 2010!!

ummm... i dont need to ever pout my lips out! lmao they look HUGE!!! hahahaha

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