Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Hello ladies! I surly hope you all had a fantastic NYE!

I usually stay inside with friends and watch the countdown specials. That's been my personal tradition since I was like  13 LOL. This year however, I had plans. I met up with a friend and we watched the fireworks display at the Seattle Space Needle then drove around looking for food {which was no easy task!]. All in all my NYE was amazing and I'm excited for the year ahead.

I do not plan on making resolutions and feeling pressured to accomplish things when life gets in the way. So I've decided to slowly work on things about myself that i KNOW need changing. With that being said some of the area I shall try to improve this year include:
  • Building a closer relationship to God - So far I feel as though I've been doing better. Reading my bible for understanding not just when the minister reads a scripture on Sundays. I'm in the works of getting involved at the church I've been attending, helping with the youth, hanging out with the young adults, making friends
  • FINISH reading books once I start them- I have a HORRIBLE habit of getting a book, start reading it and for whatever reason I get bored with the book and never finish! Its kinda sad that my attention span is so short sometimes.
  • Wear heels!! - A lot of the time I get stuck in a comfort zone of work uniform and flat shoes. But I want/need to dress more. Plus with it being so cold in Seattle, boots/heels/wedges will keep my feet a lot warmer than flats!
** Now for the fun part! **

Below I've added the Fireworks show from NYE! I loves it!! Talk with you ladies soon!
{ps- please disregard the random conversation in the background between myself and my friend... hahaha}


  1. I absolutely love this! Excited to be following you, now (found you at the GFC hop)... hope you can visit Stringtown Home, soon.. we actually have a forum, and started a New Year's Resolution thread today... it's under "Stringtown Home Sisterhood"... just a fun part on the blog where we can connect. :)

  2. Hi there!!! I'm Hanna, your newest follower from the Tuesday blog hop, a day late:) Lovely blog and Happy New Year!!! You can find me anytiem at

    xoxox Hanna

    1. Thanks for the follow! I'll be check out your blog!

  3. Hello I have nominated you for a Liebster Award. Check out my post to accept!

    1. Aww that you so much! I'll be checking out your blog!!