Friday, January 4, 2013

Friday's Letters

I've seen these types of posts on tons of blogs that I read and decided to give it a try.=)


Dear 2012, you sure were filled with A LOT of ups and downs, but thanks for all the lessons; I paid attention!

Dear NYE,  I truly enjoyed the fireworks display. However. hunting for food at 2am not so much fun =(

Dear New Job,  I love you! I love knowing that I'm finally putting my degree to good use and get to spend my day with a bunch of adorable, stubborn, snooty noised toddler and I wouldn't have it any other way!

Dear Seattle Winter,  Although I really appreciated the snow 2 weeks ago, I do not like you! Nor do I like the fact that it was 28 degrees the other morning as I ventured off to my new job...

Dear potential "boo",  ::sigh:: I sure hope this thing works out because I'm actually starting to like you. =)

Dear Pinterest, I promise we will get a lot more acquainted this year. I WILL tackle many of those yummy recipes I see every time I log on.

Dear 2013 I'm ready for whatever you throw my way! BRING IT! 

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