Friday, December 28, 2012

New Movies of 2013

Nothing says a new year like new movies!! With 2013 right around the corner a slew of new movies are awaiting!!!

I'm sure yall know i LOVE scary movies!!!! The Texas Chainsaw series is no exception! From the previews it seems as though this film is a tad bit different from the previous films. Rather than an actual remake a group of kids go in search of one girl's grandmothers old stomping grounds yet they have no idea what they are getting themselves into! As an added bonus- Trey Songz is in the film as well =)

1/18/13 - BROKEN CITY
Who doesn't love Mark Wahlberg? *crickets* ..... EXACTLY! lol This man can do no wrong when it comes to acting [except for maybe The Other Guys.... ] I've been a fan of Mark's movies for a loooooong time now and in most cases he doesn't disappoint!

i actually just saw this trailer while I was searching for the Texas Chainsaw trailer. It seems very interesting! And Channing Tatum is in it! He's been doing A LOT of movies lately! His career is surely on the up and up. I've been a fan of Channing since Step Up so I'm excited for all of his new work and this film looks promising! Be sure to check it out ladies!

Are you ladies excited about any other new movie releases next year?

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