Monday, October 18, 2010

♥ Wish List for Fall

In the last few months I haven't really been shopping as much for various reasons. I used to go shopping because I was "bored" and ended up with crap I don't wear/want/need! Shame, I know. So I've decided, after looking through different magazine, I'd come up with a "shopping list" of the items I most want.

Military Jacket

this one is from Target... its super cute so I might have to make a small trip to Target soon =)

Faux Leather Jacket
I love this grey one! Works like black; will go with anything

Vintage Shirts

something about vintage tees make me feel young again! =)


Over-the-knee boots & regular Boots

[this one is over the knee]


I love boots in this color blue!

I want this book!
heard about it... checked out a few pages on amazon.
Seems interesting!

*photos used from various store websites.. click the pic to go to respective site

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