Monday, October 11, 2010

Finally Growing Up??

I'm not sure what exactly has happened to me over the last few months... but I have made many changes in the way I act/think and the things I do. I'm assuming thats all apart of growing up right? I've begun to try new clothing styles and make-up looks... buying AND wearing HEELS [I hope hell isn't freezing over...]. and now I've decided to try wearing... a wig! I used to always say i would NEVER wear a weave etc but I was reading over a blog  Healthy Kisses] and the blogger mentioned how occasionally wearing wigs is a great way to protect natural hair! My cousin usually does my hair every 3 or 4 weeks, so that means that roughly 2 weeks each month my hair is in my own hands!! [yikes!] I always try 'natural' styles like braid-outs, flat twists, etc and i would notice from time to time that this style would only last me 2 days and then my hair becomes a chea-pet, then I'm forced to comb it out and it looks frizzy!! :-/ So I went to YouTube to see what half wigs are, checked out a few website and thought "I could totally rock a half wig!!" So later on this week I will go to a local beauty supply store to price and try on a half wig and see how i like it. then if I truly like it I will but it [either in store or online, whichever is cheapest]

At one point I considered getting a sew-in weave but I've been told that the braids do damage to the hair. My main goal is to get my hair to a healthy state, and looong!! After my cousin cut my hair a few months back [here] my hair was at a much healthier state than it had ever been and it quickly began growing since she chopped off sooo much of my slit ends. So long story short, this is my current hair plan. I will of course post pics and a review once I get the whole half-wig thing figured out =)

I may try a half wig similar to the ones below:
Outre Quick Weave- Gladys

Outre Quick Weave- Polly

*both wigs found at

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