Tuesday, November 24, 2009

New Moon

So by now everyone that reads my page should know that I'm in love with the Twilight Saga! It's inspired me to become more of a reader, because prior to discovering these books, my monthly readings came from Glamour and Seventeen magazines! sad i know... and i hope that doesn't make me seem shallow cause Lord knows I'm not! ahhh no way. But like the rest of the world, I anxiously awaited the release of New Moon. and I swear Nov. 19 was the longest day of my life... only had 4 hours of sleep.. then was at school from 8am to 8:45 pm!!! got zero sleep because by the time i got home [thanks to the flipping Metro] it was nearly 11pm. and i had not time for a nap =(

But, My mom, 2 friends and I went to the 12:20am showing.... the showing started LATE.. i swear it like after 12:30am and i was panicing! George Lopez... yes funny man George Lopez, opened the show for us though. He stopped by said a few words, asked who was Team Edward or Team Jacob[<-- that would be me], made a few joke, said that Taylor Lautner[the hott underaged kid that plays Jacob] will be on his show [airs night- 11.26.09] and then he left... and patted my friend on the arm and said "dont fall asleep" hahha too bad i didnt have my camera =/ cause we were like 3 rows from the front... BUT back to the movie

It was AMAZING! the coloring was vibrant, alive looking, the film kept to the book...for the most part. some scenes could've been longer to place more emphasis on certain parts of the storyline.... some parts were cut!... parts that fans have seen in either photos or the trailers, but i guess its too late to complain.. hope its in the DvD extras though. many of the characters and important events from the book were portrayed even better than i had imagined. I will admit there were times when i forgot it was based on a book, and i forgot that i already knew what was going to happen and started hoping for other things to happen.. hahaha. All-in-all, check out the movie. It's by no means a movie for 12-year old. that seems to be the phase non-new moon viewers are saying... So not true. But i would suggest you watch Twilight first so you're not too confused.

Part 3.... i think I'll have to start counting down soon, or maybe I'll wait until graduation so it'll only be a month left for me to count from.


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