Wednesday, November 25, 2009


So its a long weekend and i would usually be lazy and sleep in, but i have so much going on its not even funnie! (1) i have a freaking 10 page paper due TUESDAY and i have not started... don't want to do another 10-pager in one day... it nearly killed me! (2) I'm MOVING!!! YAY! [this will knock off another thing on my 101 list] and (3) i just started a seasonal job at Macy's... YAY again. As crazy as it seems I've always wanted a job in retail, i guess to see what its like. Like I know what its like to work w/ the public, and deal with customers..I've done in with 2 previous jobs. but neither was a hugely popular department store [although each on their own are hugely popular in their on market/category]. So i look forward to jumping back into the "customer service" field.. even if its only for a few weeks.

Moving.... can we say STRESSFUL?! OMG i never realized i collected sooo much junk. but after 8 years in the same place and having to start over as far as furniture, clothes, etc... we haven't done too bad. by no means are we like the people on Hoarders.... Lord no, we're not that bad... but i will admit i'm a bit of a pack-rat that doesnt want to throw away my middle school pep squad uniform... lol... if i could find the pictures i'd be fine with letting the uniform go... but not until i find the pics. lol... so yea, this is going to be a long eventful/stressful weekend.

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