Sunday, August 5, 2012

Home Sweet Home?

So I've been in Seattle now for 5 days and I'm liking it! The weather has been perfect despite all the "It rains a lot!" warning I got before I moved. I leave the boiling Lone Star State while it was in the high 90s and came north west to high 70s- mid 80s!!! I'll take that! Me and my roommate/best friend have done some sight seeing, went to one of the nearby malls, and in true tourist fashion i HAVE been taking pics :-D

Or apartment is nice... close to downtown, and right next door to a 24hour fitness [hello hot guys]!!! The more I venture into the city and do more sight-seeing I'll be sure to post it all here. 'Til then.. later!

Pike Place Farmer's Market -- way bigger than the FMs in Los Angeles

The original Starbucks! [Seattle was the birthplace to Starbucks]

The infamous Space Needle. Soon I'll take a trip to the top of that bad boy!

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