Sunday, August 12, 2012

Shoe Wish List

So in the last week I have done a LOT of walking around downtown Seattle. During that time I noticed there are dozens of retail shops, and I've peaked inside a few! Now since I have not started working yet it's not a good idea for me to carelessly buy every cute item I see. So what I have decided to do is snap pictures of various cute clothes/shoes that I see or try on.  Below are just a few [or half dozen...] pairs of shoes I'm come across that I absolutely LOVE but really can't afford/don't need to buy right now. Let me know which pair you like best!! And yes I'm aware the tag with my shoe size is visible in many of the pictures... I have pretty long feet *shrug*

black and white plaid flats- ROSS

brown suede flats- ROSS

pink and white plaid flats- ROSS

Cheetah print rain boots!!! - Macy's

Coral heels, its prob 3 inch heel - Macy's

Lace/ cream color heel- Macy's

sequin with flower detailed flats- ROSS

gray flats- ROSS

silver/glitter heels. After looking at them again
they look a little cheap but they were cute! - Macy's

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