Friday, July 23, 2010

Letters day 4- Siblings

To my sisters-
       I love you both!! Due to our huge age difference we never bonded much... so that kinda sucks. But i do appreciate the talks we've had or just hangin out. And thanks for all the nieces and nephews i love them all! The oldest are like the little sisters i never had, so thanks for that! Thanks for watching my graduation online... all those txt messages right after i walked the stage meant soo much! As we all get older, and when i eventually move closer, I hope that we get the chance to bond more.

To my only brother,
      I couldn't have asked for another brother. All the arguments and fights, it was all out of love. thanks for always lookin out for me; even though sometimes you were toooo protective! I'm worried how you're gonna be with your daughter..... you're gonna have the boys running away! Thanks for all the talks, and lectures. HAHA

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