Saturday, July 7, 2012

Friends vs Associates

If you ask the average person I'm sure they would tell you that they have a ton of friends. But in actuality, that's a lie! Granted the average person may KNOW OF a lot of people but that wont automatically make each individual your friend. I know because I've reached that point in my adulthood where I am fully aware that I will meet people, hang out with people but those "people" are not my friends.

Friends have your best interest at heart, friends are sure to NOT exclude you from plans or deceive you about what the event plans may be. Since moving to Texas I've met many new people and reconnected with people I called friends back during middle school and early high school. Amongst doing so I've realized there are 2 people here I can truly call a friend and of those 2 they don't have the time to go out as much as I like to go out. =( Soooo it makes weekends kind of boring if  I get off work early or if I'm off all together and want to go out somewhere and literally have no one to go out with. A very sucky life for a 26 year old!

The idea of this post came to me yesterday  a few weeks ago. A "friend" had planned an outing, invited me to said outing then changed plans and didn't really update me on what the current plans were going to be. In fact when I inquired about the plans at the beginning of the week the "friend" was very nonchalant or even unsure if the original plans would stick.

Yea for like 10 minutes I was a tad bit upset that this person couldn't have just been up front but that's just how some people are from time to time. I take it as a sign of who my true friends are. Besides, I won't be in Texas too much longer so the new connections to people I've made won't matter much after a while.

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