Friday, March 11, 2011

Hair Delimma; Solved

So since moving back to Texas I have found it somewhat hard to get my hair done like I used to have it in California... Everyone keeps saying how I'm gonna have to get a perm and blah blah... but I REFUSE to put that crap in my head!! I know good and well that my hair can get straight and pretty with a simple pressing comb and flat iron! I haven't had a perm/relaxed in like 7 or 8 years and it would be beyond dumb for me to turn back now! Especially with my hair recently dyed and damaged... those chemicals would only do more harm and I'd end up bald-- no thanks! One of my cousins told me that most 'natural' hair stylist are in Houston... only problem is, I don't have a car of my own... lonnnngggg story short; I've chosen a protective style to wear until I can find a stylist I like.

I have been reading up on these, and watching YouTube review vids for the past few months and finally went to the beauty supply store and got one. My brother laughed at me, but being that he's a boy, he doesn't understand at all!

The brand is Freetress; Celtic Girl wig

What do you girls think?


  1. It looks good on you girl!! I've been thinking about buying that wig for myself.

  2. thanks! I really like this wig too! there were a few others that I liked also