Friday, October 9, 2009

CD REVIEW: Backstreet- they still got it?!

As a teenager I was all into the boy band phase.. had the posters, magazines, and CDs and videos... but sometime after I moved to Cali and turned 16, I kinda stopped following those groups as much. Backsteet Boys was one of my fave groups back then, but as I got older i simply lost track of whatever they were doing... They put out 3 other CDs since i've lived in CA but i never bought any of them =/.. until this week. They released their 7th (?) album and I figured i'd give it a listen. I'm very proud to say.. they still got it! These new songs aren't all poppy.. many of them have an R&B feel to it. Heck they even did a song with T-Pain! Their ballad songs aren't as lovey-dovey as the old stuff [ex. As Long As You Love Me], which is still good! So props to the boys for still doing what they love and doing a good job at it, even with 1 less member!! I'll definitely have to check out their tour when it comes my way..

* It almost seems like the past few weeks and the week ahead is like 'flashback' month or something.... first the Britney concert, now Backstreet Cd then JTimberlake next weekend... haha i guess ii'm revisiting my childhood. LOL

* First i want to say i'm sad Brian from Backstreet Boys has Swine Flu.. wtf!?! Hope he gets better.. he was always my favorite!

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