Monday, June 6, 2011

MTV movie awards

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I only intended to watch the award show for 3 reasons: Trey Songz performing, Justin Timberlake presenting, and Breaking Dawn trailer. And just like typical MTV they spread that shit out.... Literally!! JT was the first presenter and I'm a little jealous of Mila Kunis cause well, who wouldn't wanna feel all on JT!?!? Haha but yea he's still cute in my eyes so I support him still.... Even when he refuses to put out a new album *eye roll*

Trey's performance with ______ ummm my mind just went blank so I don't remember dudes name BUT Trey's portion was nice, good energy and nice outfit ♥ but next year I need trey up there singin his own music!

I loved how the host cracked jokes on everybody! He definitely help the show not suck! Good choice MTV!

Breaking. Dawn. *speechless* *starts drooling at the thought* ahhhhhhhh it was nothing short of AMAZING! My best friend and I discussed it via BBM (and there's an hour time difference btwn us) and basically we got the trailer figured out. Now I'm a Team Jacob girl BUT I'm a little excited to see how the last book turns out considering it surrounds Bella and edward and their wedding...... I just hope (for Summit's sake) they stay true to Book 2!!! That's all Jacob's perspective and it would be nice to see how that plays out on the big screen!! All-in-all the rest of the show was a

What did u girls think?

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